Kombucha Starter Packs

All Kombucha🍹 Starter Packs include the Kombucha Tea Network recommended handbook, Kombucha Tea for Your Health and Healing, and a Starter Culture to get you going. The book gives complete instructions on how to brew Kombucha Tea successfully, answers over 170 commonly asked questions, and much more.

Starter Pack No. 1

Includes the Handbook, with a regular size Kombucha Culture.


Starter Pack No. 2

Includes the Handbook, with a large piece of Kombucha Culture suitable for the Continuous Fermentation Method.

Starter Pack No. 3

Includes the Handbook, a regular size piece of Kombucha Culture, a KE1 electric heating tray suitable for one batch brewing bowl, 2 boxes of Chun Mee Green Tea bags, 1 metre of muslin to cover the bowl, and 2 metres of elastic to secure it.

Starter Pack No. 4

Includes the Handbook, a large piece of Kombucha Culture, a KE25 electric heating tray suitable for large containers, two boxes of Chun Mee Green Tea bags, 1 metre of muslin to cover the bowl, and 2 metres of elastic to secure it.



Kombucha Tea for your Health and Healing

kombucha for your health and healingKombucha Tea for Your Health and Healing
The Kombucha Tea Network recommended handbook
Bartholomew, Alick & Mari

A mine of information essential to every Kombucha brewer.
Read sample chapters.

192 pages, 30 photos and line drawings; Softcover, 235 x 163mm (7″ x 9.75″)
ISBN: 0-7171-3134-3

Kombucha Starter Cultures

Regular Size Kombucha Starter Culture

We consider that the Kombucha culture/fungus is a gift of nature to be passed on freely from one person to another for good health. We do of course need to cover our costs in growing the cultures, processing orders and for postage and packing. You will receive a piece of healthy Kombucha starter culture, large enough to begin the Batch Brewing Method.

Large Kombucha Starter Culture

As above, but a larger piece of culture suitable for Continuous Fermentation.


Kombucha Electric Heating Trays

If you don’t have a clean, warm airing cupboard, or a similar consistently warm environment with a temperature in the mid to high 20’s Celsius (70’s Fahrenheit), an electric heating tray is advantageous, especially in winter. We find that the most common cause for people failing with Kombucha brewing is lack of consistent heat. Even in the warmer months of the year, when the heating is off, the brewing environment can often be cooler than in winter. For sure success with your Kombucha Tea try using a specially designed Kombucha Electric Heating Tray.

Standard/Optional Electrical Plugs: All trays come with standard UK voltage and plug. USA and Euro voltage/plugs can be supplied. If these are required, please state this in the ‘comments & special requirements’ box of the shopping cart when you order.

As a guideline, we estimate that the standard 4 UK pint – 7 US pints – 2 litre recipe, (1 batch brewing bowl) is sufficient for one person drinking the recommended daily amount for 5-6 days. This will help you to decide which heating tray you will need. (If you plan to give Kombucha tea to your friends and extended family, don’t forget to purchase a realistic size for all your brewing needs!).

Provides low wattage thermostatically controlled heat with the ideal constant liquid temperature of approximately 24°C/74°F. The wattage is calculated in proportion to the overall size, producing the same heat for each tray.

  • Simple and economical to use
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Cuts down on Kombucha fermentation time
  • Foolproof fermentation, producing healthy new cultures
  • Easy to clean and safe for glass, china and ceramic containers

Kombucha Electric Heating Trays are available in four sizes:

Model KE1
Suitable for 1 batch brewing bowl of any size.
10 Watt: 16cm x 16cm


Model KE2

Suitable for 2 x 3 litre Pyrex batch brewing bowls.

20 Watt: 38cm x 19cm

Model KE25

Suitable for the Continuous Fermentation Method jars, and other large containers.

25 Watt: 30.5cm x 30.5cm

Model KE4

Suitable for 4 x 4 litre Pyrex bowls.

38 Watt: 38cm x 38cm



Muslin & Elastic

Muslin & Elastic
An open weave cotton fabric secured with elastic allows your fermenting Kombucha Tea to ‘breathe’, while keeping out fruit flies and other pollutants. 1 metre of quality Egyptian cotton muslin, plus 2 metres of elastic.



Strip Thermometer
Knowing the ambient temperature of your brewing environment is essential for successful Kombucha Tea brewing. The recommended ideal fermentation temperature is 23°-30°C (74°-86°F). These inexpensive and effective strip thermometers, in °F and °C, are made from thermochromic liquid crystal. The temperature degree shows as a brighter colour displayed in a window. The thermometer is unbreakable and housed in a rigid plastic frame which can be wall mounted or laid flat.


Green Teas

Green tea has been well documented in British and other medical journals reporting that, among other things, it has anti-carcinogenic properties as well as being beneficial for the heart and circulation. Green tea (unfermented), is full of minerals and comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinesis, as black tea (ordinary, fermented) and is low in tannin and caffeine.

Some commercial Kombucha brewers use Chinese green tea because of its added health-giving properties. It makes a light and refreshing Kombucha Tea. Green tea may also be mixed with black tea or herbs.

Clipper Organic Chinese Green Tea
Very high quality and superb tasting tea in convenient and no fuss tea bags. To use with Kombucha Tea brewing, and also on its own for its proven health giving properties.
Clipper Green Tea 20 teabags per box; 2 boxes

Clipper Green Tea 20 teabags per box; 6 boxes

Chinese Sencha Green Tea
A high quality Chinese Sencha Green Tea from the young growing leaf tips picked in springtime (called the first flush). Their health-giving properties are strong and vibrant, making your Kombucha Tea even more potent. Very good to drink on its own too!

Sencha Tea, 250g (8.8oz) of loose tea

Sencha Tea, 500g (17.2oz) of loose tea

Chun Mee Green Tea

This is a good quality ‘Clipper’ Chinese green tea. Available in tea bags.
Chun Mee Tea 25 teabags per box; 2 boxes

Chun Mee Tea 25 teabags per box; 6 boxes


Herbal Teas

Rose Hip (organic)
Dried Rose Hip which can be used in addition to green or black tea
to give a fruity flavour to your Kombucha Tea
Rosehip Tea 24 teabags per box; 2 boxes

Elderflower (organic)
Dried Elderflower used in addition to green or black tea gives a lovely
‘bouquet’ and natural effervescence to your Kombucha Tea
Elderflower 24 teabags per box; 2 boxes


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