The Kombucha Journal
Information on Kombucha’s health benefits (in 22 languages), by G√ľnther W. Frank, author of the book, “Kombucha – Healthy beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East”.
The Kombucha Center
Describes Kombucha’s history, health benefits, how to make it, and where to get it. If you printed everything on this Web site, it would be over 250 pages.
Essiac (ES-ee-ack) is a herbal tea used successfully to treat cancer for over 60 years by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (‘reen case’), who ran a nationally celebrated cancer help clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, treating thousands of patients successfully, refusing to accept any payment. Rene Caisse claimed the original source of the recipe was an Ojibwa medicine man. In 1922, she named it after the backward spelling of her last name, Caisse.
Essiac Sources in the United Kingdom & Ireland.