kombucha for your health and healing

Table of Contents

  • The Story of the Kombucha Tea Network
  • The History of Kombucha Tea
  • How does the Culture Work?
  • Summary of Kombucha Research
  • How to Brew Kombucha Tea Successfully
  • Kombucha – Your Questions Answered
  • A-Z: How to help 71 Specific Diseases and Imbalances with Kombucha
  • First Aid with Kombucha
  • Kombucha for Prevention of Illness and its Uses with Cancer
  • In-depth Case Histories of People using Kombucha Tea
  • Health, Self-Empowerment and Nutrition, an Holistic View
  • Lactic Acid Fermentation and the Importance of Vinegar
  • Kombucha Recipes and other Uses – Kitchen, Beauty and the Home
  • Animals and Plants
  • Feedback on Kombucha
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Recommended Reading
  • Bibliography of Kombucha Research
  • Resource Section and Suppliers
  • Index

The Most In-Depth Guide

Foreword by Dr N. Campbell-Brown (medical consultant to The Kombucha Tea Network uk)

  • “The most authoritative and informative book on Kombucha yet published.”
  • “You can throw away all your other books on Kombucha; this replaces them.”
  • “It is a book you can show your physician with confidence: it is medically respectable.”
  • “Written for the serious Kombucha brewer, and the discerning researcher.”
  • “Introduces the principle of Kombucha as a holistic therapy, with a host of applications.”
  • “Stresses the self-empowerment way to better health.”

 Kombucha Tea for Your Health and Healing includes:

  • Foolproof instructions on how to make Kombucha tea successfully, avoid common Kombucha brewing errors and maintain a healthy culture.
  • A host of applications: in first aid, for skin creams, poultices, healing baths – and even for helping animals.
  • Many delicious food and drink recipes using Kombucha, and lots of uses all around the home and garden
  • Extensive A to Z of illnesses helped by Kombucha, and many personal accounts from people who have been helped with a range of illnesses, including arthritis, M.S., cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.), digestive problems and skin disorders.
  • Answers to over 170 commonly-asked questions on making and using Kombucha.
  • The first authoritative account of how Kombucha actually works and how it can help you and your family towards better health.



“The Critical Review” Service (connected with

This is one of the most impressive books on one subject dealing with healing I have read. This work examines the exotic culture of Kombucha, used mainly in tea form. The text is extremely interesting and useful. Authors Alick & Mari Bartholomew deliver a scholarly book that covers the history and use of this culture and tea. But that’s only the start.

This in-depth guide includes anecdotal and historical information as well as case histories. Most useful are the many illnesses and problems that may be improved or cured by the use of this tea. The book also explains how to grow the culture and how to use. it. This Kombucha tea is more of an elixir rather than a tea drunk for refreshment. Kombucha is a powerful culture that has antibiotic effects and is useful for neutralising various ailments. Yet it is taken almost like a medicine and not drunk like traditional tea.,

The book includes a “Question and Answer” section that will prove most valuable. Also there is an “A-Z” listing of specific diseases that may respond favorably to Kombucha treatment. There is a recipe section as well. A bibliography of Kombucha research by physicians and scholars is also included. This may be of great interest to health care professionals.

I had read about medicinal herbs and teas before, but had never heard about Kombucha. This is a wonderful culture mainly used in different ways. It has great potential to improve health as evidence seems to show. It is thought that it helps filter out poisons and toxins from the body. The work is an amazing read. The authors carried the first Kombucha culture into the U.K. and started a tea network in that part of the world. They are careful students of this amazing fungus and have dedicated themselves to this Kombucha. There are now doctors in the U.K. using Kombucha in dealing with cancer. A fascinating read. Highly recommended.

NAPRA Review

From the founders of the international Kombucha Tea Network, this is the first truly comprehensive resource on the health drink that is gaining in popularity daily. History, description, an overview of research, and answers to over 170 common questions are all covered, but most interesting are the chapters detailing the benefits – from prevention to alleviation to cure of diseases ranging from asthma to cancer, and the in-depth case histories of people using Kombucha tea.


Sample Chapters

How Does the Culture Work?
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About the Authors

alick-mari-smAlick and Mari Bartholomew (founders of The Kombucha Tea Network uk)

Most people we talk to about Kombucha initially think it must be a kind of health tonic. They find the idea of ‘Kombucha therapy’ rather strange.

When we looked at the other available books on Kombucha, we quickly saw that there was a need for a more in-depth book We realised that we would also have to attempt what we felt no other book has done satisfactorily – to make a credible case for why Kombucha is so helpful with diseases like arthritis, eczema, high blood pressure, digestive disorders and cancer, to mention a few.

About the authors:
Alick Bartholomew trained in Transpersonal Psychology and worked as a counsellor at the world renowned Bristol Cancer Help Centre for 30 years. He published books on holistic themes. Mari Bartholomew was a Healing-Shiatsu practitioner and co-ran a Complementary Health Centre in Bath.

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Kombucha Handbook

Kombucha Tea for Your Health and Healing
The Kombucha Tea Network recommended handbook
Bartholomew, Alick & Mari

A mine of information essential to every Kombucha brewer.

192 pages, 30 photos and line drawings; Softcover, 235 x 163mm (7″ x 9.75″)

ISBN: 0-7171-3134-3